• File your email to
    Outlook folders. The fast way.

  • File your emails with one click,
    thanks to automatic folder prediction.

  • Find any folder quickly by name
    with just a few keystrokes.

  • Empty your overloaded inbox faster,
    by filing groups of similar emails at once.

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Tagwolf brings One-Click Filing to Microsoft Outlook

  • Tagwolf(tm) is an email filing assistant for Microsoft Outlook that intelligently suggests the best folder for each email. One click suffices to file a message.
  • Save hours per week by emptying your inbox faster while still keeping important mail well organised.
  • Getting started is easy and fast. No complicated rules to define: just point it at your existing folders and Tagwolf will learn your preferences automatically.


Sorry, this product has been discontinued.


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What our customers say

  • "A real productivity booster!" - CvM

  • "This is easily one of the best new tools that has increased my productivity! The ease of use and automatic filing is excellent and saves so much time!", - DB

  • "Filing used to be a boring, tedious and lengthy task. Thanks to Tagwolf, this became much more effective: I measured once that I was able to file up to 500 emails in less than an hour. ", - YD

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