Tagwolf 1.0.502 available for download, more on the way

It was about time : a new Tagwolf release 1.0.502 is now available for download.

This recommended upgrade further improves on stability and performance and accumulates all fixes we made since v1.0.441.  You can download it here

Teaser : what’s in store next?

Very likely this will also be the last of the Tagwolf 1.0 series. Meanwhile, we have been working hard on Tagwolf 1.5, which will add some major new features that we are very excited about.  Expect us to be blogging about it soon!  You already purchased 1.0 or intend to buy 1.0?  No problem, Tagwolf 1.5 will be a free upgrade to all 1.0 users.

Tagwolf 1.0.502 release notes

  • fixed: in Outlook 2003 task pane can disappear when resizing Outlook window
  • fixed: in Outlook 2003 send filing dialog does not appear when using MS Word as mail editor
  • fixed: in Outlook 2003 Tagwolf toolbar submenu was not disabled when composing new mail
  • fixed: email store open/close handling made more robust; removed closed store folders from MRU list; improved error handling & logging
  • fixed: pipe character in folder names could impact correct folder path display
  • fixed: memory leak when inspecting large mail bodies above a certain threshold size
  • fixed: delete key was not working after clicking on Tagwolf task pane in Outlook 2010
  • fixed: Tagwolf asks erroneously whether shared calendar should become a filing destination
  • fixed: crash when opening shared calendar that is part of an additionally opened mailbox
  • fixed: Tagwolf displays strange strings like {102001} in Spanish and Italian language versions of Outlook
  • fixed: very large email corpora could lead to exhaustion of virtual memory when saving settings
  • fixed: when memory is running low, Tagwolf now aborts processing tasks, informs the user, and will not save possibly incomplete settings
  • fixed: slow Outlook start-up time with large set of trained folders
  • fixed: email stores temporarily invisible after factory reset / clean install
  • fixed: undo behaviour sometimes inconsistent; has been simplified
  • fixed: sometimes UI is not refreshed after bulk folder operations
  • new: folders of unknown type can be included as suggested destinations with new checkbox in Tagwolf options dialog
  • new: manual drag&drop to already trained folder updates the most-recently-used folder list
  • new: file verification when saving settings to disk